Rail Transportation

SIL4 COTS embedded computing platforms for rail infrastructure and rolling stock, signaling and train control applications

Designed to meet the highest safety standard – the SMART Embedded Computing Safety Integrity Level 4 (SIL4) certified ControlSafe™ Platform provides an application-ready safety platform for hosting of (SIL4 or below) safety applications and solutions. This enables customers to significantly accelerate time-to-market by focusing on their value-added offering and final certification for the end solutions. The expansion of rail networks and the adoption of high-speed rail worldwide drives government mandates to deploy SIL4 certified control system to ensure safe railroad operation.
embedded advanced computing solutions for rail transportation

SMART EC’s ControlSafe Platform disrupts the traditional method of building rail signaling and train control systems, which usually involves proprietary hardware and software components tightly integrated into a closed solution from a single provider. By creating a COTS embedded computer that is certified to EN 50126, EN 50128 and EN 50129 SIL4, the highest level, SMART EC allows rail application providers and integrators to reallocate R&D resources to differentiating elements of the end product and buy the base technology from companies who are dedicated to that technology.

With the leverage of over 30 years of expertise in developing highly reliable and available embedded computer systems, SMART EC’s ControlSafe Platform provides our customers with a cost-effective, common platform solution for multiple train control and rail signaling applications in both wayside and carborne environments.

ControlSafe™ Platform

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