Industrial Solutions

Long life cycle edge computing solutions for industrial automation, process control and industrial IoT

  • Designed for industrial edge computing and deterministic processing
  • Applications include surveillance, machine vision, optical inspection and advanced image processing


SMART Embedded Computing offers solutions for a range of industrial automation, process control and data acquisition applications. Our long history in VME technology, which is widely used in industrial applications, is providing the insight for our development of a range of edge computing, data aggregation and analysis and ML/AI platforms for IIoT and connected manufacturing.

embedded advanced computing for industrial IoT Solutions
embedded computing - MVME for industrial IoT


Our long-lifecycle VME single board computers (SBCs) provide the embedded control platform for assembly robots, semiconductor processing equipment and diagnostic imaging and medical therapy applications. Many of these customers take advantage of the inherent multiprocessing bus capability that VME provides.

Edge Servers

SMART Edge Servers (MC1600 and SE1700) provide edge computing capability in a range of environments, from industrial to retail. With on-site or facility-edge computing platforms, latency and bandwidth usage are minimized, supporting the requirements of inference engines, ML and AI-powered vision systems for surveillance, machine vision, optical inspection, and advanced image processing applications such as predictive maintenance.

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