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Audio transcoding, particularly for voice, is a critical but often overlooked function in telecom applications such as session border controllers, media
gateways and servers or media resource appliances. The key technology behind conference call applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and countless other voice-over-IP applications (VoIP), voice processing is now essential in delivering quality sound efficiently.

This white paper outlines the trends driving the need for network voice processing and offers an alternative to the conventional host media processing (HMP) solution.

Using a PCI Express media acceleration card and embedded voice firmware offers dramatically improved performance while taking up less space, consuming less power and providing a lower cost per channel.

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There are well-established standards for audio codecs such as EVRC, OPUS, SILK and the newer and more complex EVS codec, ensuring interoperability and simplifying system design.

Transcoding multiple channels in real time at high densities is a computationally intensive task, which is performed most efficiently using specialty processing, such as digital signal processors (DSPs) or ASICs, rather than relying on the server processors alone.

The conventional solution is to add more processing power through more servers, which not only takes up space and adds provisioning issues, but also increases both capital and operating costs for the operator.

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