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Bladed servers based on open standards that offer leading edge processing performance, long lifecycles and optimized SWaP-C for applications ranging from mobile data centers supporting battlefield operations to naval defense systems, and supercomputing signal processing systems on board tactical aircraft.

SMART EC is one of the companies that invented the VMEbus and includes the DNA of some of the leaders in the embedded computing industry, including Force, Heurikon, and Motorola Computer Group (MCG). We now offer a wide range of VME (MVME) SBCs based on Power Architecture NXP processors.

Versatile, high performance servers for rugged and edge computing applications, plus add-in accelerator cards to enable higher density voice streaming in servers and appliances.

ControlSafe® Platforms are application-ready, SIL4-certified, fault-tolerant, fail-safe COTS systems for train control and rail signalling. A shared safety architecture makes it easy to deploy a common platform, both wayside and carborne.

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