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Wayside IO Expansion / Signaling Platform

ControlSafe™ EXB/CXP

  • Cost-effective, common platform to enable various wayside applications
  • High I/O capacity with larger chassis and I/O modules
  • 15 years product life and 25 years of service available
The ControlSafe® Expansion Box Platform (EXB) from SMART Embedded Computing is a larger chassis, optimized for I/O density, capable of significantly extending the I/O capacity of a master ControlSafe Platform or ControlSafe Computer (via Ethernet). The ControlSafe EXB also shares the core processing, safety, I/O, and availability architecture and hardware of the ControlSafe Computer. Thus, redundant ControlSafe EXBs can also be deployed in place of the ControlSafe Computer, providing much higher integrated I/O, plus scalability through one or more ControlSafe EXB slaves. Each ControlSafe EXB includes redundant AC power supply units, and accommodates up to 10 expansion I/O modules, each 2-6 times larger than other ControlSafe I/O modules. This increased availability and I/O density, supporting rear connectivity, is ideal for large, or multi-station wayside applications. ControlSafe Computer Expansion Boxes are designed to operate as a redundant active/standby platform (whether as master or expansion), managed by the hardware/firmware Direct Connect Algorithm (internal) logic, providing the same fail-safe, highly available operation as the ControlSafe Computer.

SMART EC has also cooperated with customers to support user developed specific I/O solutions to meet unique application requirements.

The ControlSafe® Expansion Box Platform provides rail infrastructure providers and system integrators with a cost-effective way to substantially accelerate time-to-market without incurring the high costs and risks of the SIL4 certification process.

With all reliability, availability, maintainability and safety (RAMS) processes certified to EN50126, all safety-related software to EN50128, and hardware to EN50129 by TÜV SÜD, one of the most trusted certification bodies worldwide, SMART EC’s ControlSafe Platform can be deployed in SIL4 safety application environments to protect investments in rail infrastructure.

  • Highly integrated COTS safety platform certified to SIL4 by TÜV SÜD
  • Cost-effective, common platform to enable various wayside applications
  • High I/O capacity with larger chassis and I/O modules
  • Designed to deliver platform hardware availability of six nines (99.9999%)
  • A modular and scalable solution suitable for both new deployments and upgrade projects
  • Innovative data lock-step architecture allows seamless technology upgrades
  • Hardware-based voting mechanism maximizes application software transparency
  • Rugged design compliant with IEC 61373 and EN 50155
  • 15 years product life and 25 years of service available
  • Backed up by a global service organization
Part Number Description
CSP-EXB-CORE-AC-01 ControlSafe Expansion Box Platform core that comprises one chassis, two AC power supply units, two CPU modules, one switch module and one fan tray
CSP-EXB-FILL-01 4U Front filler panel
CSP-EXB-FILL-02 9U Front filler panel
CSP-EXB-FLL-RTM-01 3U Rear filler panel
CSP-EXB-FLL-RTM-02 9U Rear fillerpanel
CSP-CBL-DIRECT-01 Two cables for Direct Connect (DCA) operation
CSP-CBL-PWR-B-01 Power cord for USA/Canada/Japan
CSP-CBL-PWR-EU-01 Power cord for Korea/Germany/France
CSP-CBL-PWR-I-01 Power cord for China
SERIAL-MINI-D2 Serial cable - micro D-sub connector to standard DE9
Note: The components of the ControlSafe Platform core are not listed in this table but can be ordered separately as spare parts. Please contact SMART EC regional sales teams for further details.