Message From the SMART EC Leadership

A Message from our Leadership

SMART Embedded Computing has a long history of treating its team members, the environment, and the community in a responsible and ethical manner. Our business partners are increasingly looking to us, as industry thought leaders, to help solve complex social and environmental issues around the world. To that end, SMART EC promotes a culture of responsible citizenship, not only within our organization, but throughout our business partnerships. We have developed and continuously improve a mature Corporate Social Responsibility Program based upon the tenets of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct.

SMART EC is an industry leader in embedded computing product efficiency, allowing our customers to reduce their carbon footprint and costs of doing business. We also pay close attention to our own emissions, set energy-reduction goals and regularly invest in carbon-reducing initiatives.

We know that good citizenship is good business. We are proud of the reputation that SMART EC has built and as we continue to be a social and environmental partner to our customers, our environment, and our people.

Chet Hullum, SMART Embedded Computing


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